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Juan's Story

The first yoga class I took came at a time when I needed to manage stress from a challenging corporate job in big pharma and while attending graduate school in 2000. My mind could not focus, and my body was incredibly inflexible. I didn't come from an athletic background or formal movement training, and found the idea of sitting/ standing/moving while on a yoga mat to be pointless! I was in for a huge surprise. Yoga cracked me open - It's helped me get stronger and more flexible, but also mentally sharper. There is a strong mind/body connection that my practice allows me to explore and deepen every time I step on my mat.

Years after that first yoga class, I completed my 200 hour Yoga Alliance training in 2008 at Sonic Yoga in NYC. This came during an extremely difficult transition in my life - I was laid off from my Wall Street job in the beginning of the financial crisis. I came to my mat once again facing different challenges, and once again it offered a safe place to reflect and open my self to endless opportunities.

I currently teach as a senior teacher at Pure Yoga and Sonic Yoga in NYC, and serve as a Lululemon Ambassador for the Lincoln Square store. My love affair with yoga continues - the breathing, the inversion work, the transitions and the mind/body connection it continues to deepen. I am enormously grateful for the global community of teachers and students who inspire me everyday through their own journeys on and off the mat.

Juan Gamboa

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